Because First Impression Matters, Seting up right screenshots is a crucial element for the success of your App. Your screenshots should attract and convince the user at first sign.

Many studies demonstrated how great screens help to increase downloads up to 50%.

Because it’s a redundant task for Developers/Marketers and someone should build this generator 😇
There are many similar generators for iOS apps; which are not really suitable for the our case, since Android has its own specifications like phone model, status bar …


This customizable sketch template allows to generate up to 8 awesome Android screenshots wrapped in a nexus 5, in two differents colors: Black and White.

  • 8 High quality screenshots of (1080 x 1920)
  • +1 Bonus : An Overview screenshot containg 4 views
  • 2 phone colors to match your needs : black and white
  • Symbols and styles for texts and images (easy customization)

Grab it now

Download the Android Template

Download the iOS Template